New Client Information

So we have decided to try a more holistic approach on your journey to a higher state of wellness? Perhaps looking through the site piqued your interest about an aspect of yoga or maybe learning how to let go of the busy-ness of the outside world has an appeal? Let’s spend some time figuring out how to truly breathe and slow down the rollercoaster so that we can observe our landscape, both inside and out. At BGB, LLC, we offer you that opportunity to tap into our inner Self and develop a “mindful” means of looking around to see what the scenery of our chosen path looks like. Let your journey embrace helpful practices and let go of counter-productive activities that limit our ability to reach our true potential.

If you are coming in for an initial consultation session or the Postural and Range of Motion assessment, please fill out the following Informed Consent and bring it with you. If you are ready to jump into a wellness journey, please fill out the Holistic Health Intake form. This will tajke some time to complete, but it is well worth your time as it will provide me with the necessary information to start designing the program that is best for YOU!  Do not be concerned if there are questions that are unfamiliar to you, answer them the best you can and we will go over them together. There are no “right,” wrong,” or “perfect” answers.

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