About John

My passion around healthy living and education has driven me since 1992. My formal synthetic organic chemistry training developed my love of teaching and a research career on building new agents for cancer therapy and anti-parasitic agents to battle opportunistic infections. A successful end to an unhealthy cigarette habit launched my formal exercise journey and my participation in step-aerobics and group cycle classes inspired me to bring wellness to a larger population as a group fitness instructor. 

My research career led me to Pfizer where I ran a lab in the department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease focused on the identification of new clinical development candidates in the areas of Diabetes and Osteoporosis. I learned about the challenges and intricacies of metabolic dysfunction and modern pharmacotherapy, but I also began to fully realize the impact that diet and exercise could have on one’s overall wellness. Western society is so caught up in the rush and drive to “success” that taking the time to care for oneself is often left behind. It is clear why many believe that a “miracle” pill to normalize our systems and balance out our excesses would make our lives so much easier. This approach removes most of the personal accountability for many aspects of our lives, an option that sounds good on paper but one that is devoid of the personal satisfaction as well. 

Living bodies are amazing: they are intricate in design and they adapt to manage the many challenges we force upon them with our daily routines. Western society is just beginning to appreciate that the body's inner workings are not simple machines with independent components, and that the holistic approaches of Eastern societies have much to offer in terms of longitudinal health. As my teams toiled to find new pharmaceutical agents to be used a daily therapy for chronic disease, I realized that the first recommended line of defense is to take control of what we eat and add physical activity into our routines (i.e., diet and exercise)! I also have experienced the impact that the mind/body connection plays in balancing our metabolic system, how we express stress/pain and how we present ourselves to and interact with our world.

Early in 2009, I left the world of pharmaceuticals and launched BGB, LLC, Total Wellness Solutions, an effort to direct individuals towards their own successful wellness journeys. I am proud of my clients who dedicate themselves to making positive changes in their lives. I utilize a variety of approaches with my clients, borrowing from Yoga, Thai massage, Meditation and Breathing practices and more traditional physical activity that ranges from walking to indoor/outdoor cycling.  I have expanded my practical knowledge of Yoga Therapy and have recently earned my Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) credential with trainings from YogaFit®, the leader in Mind Body Fitness Education. I continue to be amazed at what a fully mind-body-spirit balanced body can achieve and every day I am grateful for the opportunity to expand this knowledge  and share it with others.

 In 2016 my husband gifted me the Humble Monkey Wellness trademark after many discussions about

Fitness Resume


Yoga Therapist and holistic
Wellness Coach with experience in focused health and wellness programs including individuals with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, trauma and general anxiety.  Trained in therapeutic yoga, Thai yoga therapy and exercise science with a working knowledge of disease etiology, western pharmacology and standard of care to help manage disease states.  Employs scientifically validated theories of exercise science, yoga therapy and lifestyle modification as a guide for total wellness seekers.


YogaFit® 140 Hours Warriors Program with Enhanced Qualifications                                                                              2016

Yoga Alliance, 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500)                                                                                         2012

Yoga Alliance, Experienced 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200)                                                                 2011

Silver Sneakers MSROM/Yoga Stretch Instructor Certification                                                                                          2010

Group Fitness Certification, ACE®                                                                                                                                     2010

Yogafit® Apprentice Trainer Program                                                          2010

Yoga Alliance, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher; training through Yogafit® (RYT 200)                                               2009

Personal Trainer Certification, ACSM                                                          2009

Spinning™ Instructor Training, SpinFitness®                                                          2009

Group Fitness Instructor Certification, AFAA®                                                          1999

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, Yale University                                                            1990-1992

Ph D, Organic Chemistry, Indiana University                                                            1985-1990

Professional Experience

BGB, LLC: Norwich, CT                                                              2009-present

Total Wellness Solutions….”because life has enough repetitions.”

Wellness Coach: Effective, personalized programs that delivered on agreed upon client-driven wellness goals in a timely fashion. Diversified knowledge in exercise prescription, mind/body awareness and total lifestyle wellness. Liberated clients from the gym

and provided innovative and safe individualized wellness programs amenable to the home or in the community.

  1. -Offered Vinyasa Style classes at Centerspace Wellness Center and at individual homes. Included supportive and restorative modifications to enable all bodies to be successful in their practice.

  1. -Provided yoga with therapeutic benefit to clients that encompassed connection of mind, body and spirit. Services encompassed Physical and Postural assessments, Thai Massage, myofascial release and range of motion therapy using asana (posture), pranayama (breathing) and dhyana (meditation) practice.

  1. -Thai massage was provided as a stand-alone therapy that assisted in energy balancing and the rehabilitation from post-surgical physical therapy, chronic pain conditions, and repetitive use injuries.

- Offered Pre-natal classes to individual clients at Centerspace.

- Offered Senior yoga and Chair-based yoga programs at senior centers and nursing homes.

- Provided services on the Om Gym®, a  sling-type inversion apparatus that allows extension and un-weighting of the spine from

the forces of gravity. This was particularly useful for individuals with tight hip flexors, spinal compression issues and allowed

students to perform backbends in a controlled fashion to strengthen their core musculature.

- Used suspension training systems (TRX® or Myoflex®) to provide tailored Personal Training for clients at Centerspace or at individual homes. The suspension systems provide increased body awareness, balance and core development.

Humble Monkey Wellness(TM): Norwich, CT                                                                                                           2016-present

- Established the Y.O.G.A. project (Yoga Outreach General Admission) as a socially conscious, affordable, and readily accessible yoga of various styles at locations through the Norwich area.

Centerspace Wellness Center: Bozrah, CT                                                               2010-2016

Yoga Instructor: Wide variety of yoga experiences offered at the center that allowed the expansion of the programming to include therapeutic modalities, meditation and flowing styles of yoga.

- Offered a Beginner’s Vinyasa style yoga class that allowed practitioners to develop a yoga practice with particular emphasis on

breathing and proper body mechanics in postures.

- Established an on-going Therapeutic Yoga program with a focus on improving range of motion and body awareness around the

spine, hips and shoulders. This class uses a variety of props (straps, blocks, blankets, bolsters) and provides a balance between physical movement and supported stretching.

- Developed a Restorative yoga program (Spaah Yoga) designed for passive stretching that allows the melding of mind, body and

spirit to attain deep levels of relaxation.

- Offered Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa classes to allow practitioners to deepen their present practice.

- Provided Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) sessions, a program of guided meditation that delivers a connection to multiple levels of consciousness enabling deep relaxation and connection to the sub-conscious.

- Developed a Functional Yoga program that provides mindful movement through a pain-free range of motion of joints with a focus

on activities of daily living.

- Offered workshops designed to support the overall wellness of community members, including YogaLean™, Yoga for Cyclists

and Cakra Meditation.

Zen & Now: Niantic, CT                                                              2012-2013

Group fitness professional leading indoor cycling classes.  Programs are designed to provide a solid foundation of exercise

science that enables clients of all fitness levels to experience a solid workout experience.  Members recommend new participants

take my classes because I will give them the attention and tools necessary to start their fitness journeys safely.

  1. -Offered workshops to support the overall wellness of members of this community, including YogaLean™ and Yoga for Cyclists,

Three Rivers Community College: Norwich, CT                                                                                                      2011-present

Adjunct Professor in the Fitness and Wellness Department

  1. -Taught 7- and 5-week, 1-credit classes in Yoga studies. Topics included the Chakra system, Pranayama and Meditation, and Therapeutic Yoga.

- Offered a Vinyasa class for the Continuing Education department.

Work Out World: Groton, Norwich, Waterford, CT                                            2000-2011, 2013-present

“We will WOW every member, every visit!”

Group fitness professional leading aerobics, Mat Science, indoor cycling and flow yoga classes.  I am a “form-based” instructor,

who designs classes that are accessible to all individuals and I stress the fundamentals of exercise in all disciplines.  My

programs provide a solid foundation of exercise science that enables clients of all fitness levels to experience a solid workout

experience.  Members recommend new participants take my classes because I will give them the attention and tools necessary

to start their fitness journeys safely.

- Established an early morning indoor cycling program that has grown to multiple weekly offerings in 3 locations with >95% member participation per class (11-12 students).

- Broadened the yoga offerings by including a Yogafit®-based class at each of the three venues.

- Lead a yoga/SPIN fusion class at multiple locations that blends the concepts of mindful breathing with endurance cycling to expand the cardio-zone and control heart rates.

- Established a Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch program.

Pfizer INC, Groton, CT                                                                   1999-2009

The world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company working together for a healthier world.

Senior Principal Scientist, Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Endocrine Disease

Provided innovative solutions to various diabetes and osteoporosis projects as chemistry team leader for multi-laboratory teams.

Has a deep knowledge of disease etiology, biologic pathways, complications of disease and current therapy options and side-

effect considerations. 

- Delivered 3 new compounds into the development pipeline for the treatment of diabetes and osteoporosis.   These products

focused on insulin-sensitization and bone anabolism, respectively.  Has experience in the design and interpretation of proof of

concept studies in appropriate animal models of disease, the gold standard for demonstrating pre-clinical efficacy.

24-7 Fitness Club (formerly Bethlehem Racquetball and Fitness), Bethlehem, PA                                                1999-2000

“We are committed to excellence in everything we do.”

Group fitness professional leading classes in step aerobics.

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA                                                                     1992-1999

“An institution of higher learning committed to challenging great minds and inspiring great imaginations.”

Zettlemoyer Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Established a graduate research program in natural product synthesis, taught graduate and undergraduate courses in organic chemistry, actively contributed to the Distance Learning program and improved the quality of campus life by promoting inclusion practices.

Professional Development


  1. -YogaFit® Teacher training, Healing Physical and Emotional Trauma, YogaFit®, Alexandria, VA 2014.

  1. -YogaFit® Teacher training, Transformational Meditation, YogaFit®, Alexandria, VA 2014.

  1. -Thai Massage, Level 2, Rolf Bodyworks, Sterling, CT, 2013

  1. -Thai Massage for Back, Shoulders and Neck, Ed Cardinal, X, RI, 2013

  1. -Thai Massage, Level 2, Rolf Bodyworks, Sterling, CT, 2013

  1. -Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1, Veterans Yoga Project, Hamden, CT, 2013

  1. -Thai Massage, Level 1 - retrain, Rolf Bodyworks, Sterling, CT, 2013

  1. -Thai Massage, Level 1, Rolf Bodyworks, Sterling, CT, 2013

  1. -YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaBack, YogaFit®, Atlanta, GA 2012.

  1. -YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaProps, YogaFit®, Altanta, GA, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaFit® Sweat, YogaFit®, Altanta, GA, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 4 - Integration, YogaFit®, Pittsfield, MA, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Yoga Therapy 3, YogaFit®, Minneapolis, MN, 2012.

  1. -YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaFit for the Change, YogaFit®, Minneapolis, MN, 2012.

  1. -YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaFit for Mental Health, YogaFit®, Minneapolis, MN, 2012.

- Introduction to Ayurveda, ECO Yoga @ Centerspace, Bozrah, CT, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Thai Energy, YogaFit®, Dallas, TX, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Working with the Cakras, YogaFit®, Dallas, TX, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaFit Kids, YogaFit®, Dallas, TX, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Ayurveda and Yoga, YogaFit®, Manchester, NH, 2012.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Pranayama, YogaFit®, Dallas, TX, 2011.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaLean™ 2, YogaFit®, Dallas, TX, 2011.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, YogaLean™ 1, YogaFit®, Dallas, TX, 2011.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Yoga Therapy 2, YogaFit®, Manchester, NH, 2011.

- Adaptive Yoga, Yoga Heals Us, Preston, CT 2011.

- Breathing Techniques, SPIN Fitness® Home Study, 2011.

- Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design, SPIN Fitness® Home Study, 2011.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Restorative Yoga, YogaFit®, Boston, MA, 2011.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Anatomy and Alignment 2, YogaFit®, Alexandria, VA, 2011.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Yoga Therapy 1, YogaFit®, Manchester, NH, 2010.

- Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch I, II, III, Westborough, MA, 2010.

- Silver Sneakers Muscle Strength and Range of Motion (MSROM), W. Hartford, CT, 2010.

- Spin Yoga Fusion, SPIN Fitness®, Hamden, CT, 2010.

- Yoga Essentials II, AFAA® Home Study, 2011.

- Yoga Essentials I, AFAA® Home Study, 2011.

- ACE Group Fitness Exam, Providence, RI, 2010.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 5, YogaFit®, Monroeville, PA, 2009.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 2 (Retrain), YogaFit®, Dedham, MA, 2009.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 1 (Retrain), YogaFit®, Mansfield, MA, 2009.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 4, YogaFit®, New Brunswick, NJ, 2009.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Anatomy and Alignment, YogaFit®, Manchester, NH, 2009.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Senior Yogafit®, YogaFit®, Boston, MA, 2009.

- YogaFit® Specialty training, Pre-Natal/Post-Partum, YogaFit®, Boston, MA, 2009.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 3, YogaFit®, Manchester, NH, 2009.

- ACSM Cert. Personal TrainerSM Workshop, Fitness Resource Assoc., Inc., S. Portland, ME, 2009.

- Spinning Instructor Orientation, SPIN Fitness®, Storrs, CT, 2009.

- Medicine and Fitness: Care of the Back, AFAA® Home Study, 2009.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 2, YogaFit®, Bristol, RI, 2006.

- YogaFit® Teacher training, Level 1, YogaFit®, NYC, NY, 2004.

- Stress Management, AFAA® Home Study, 2003.

- Spintensity, SPINNING®, Providence, RI, 2002.

- Nutrition Fundamentals, AFAA® Home Study, 2001.

- Mat Science I & II, AFAA®, Ridgefield, CT, 2001.

- Reebok Core Training, Reebok University, Boston, MA, 2000.

- Cycle Reebok Foundation Training, Cycle Reebok, Norwalk, CT, 1999.

  1. -AFAA® Fitness Professional Certification, Bethlehem, PA, 1999.


•American Council on Exercise, 2010-present.

•YogaFit® Partner Program, 2010-present.

•Yoga Alliance, 2009-present.

•International Association of Yoga Therapists, 2009-present.

•Club YogaFit®, 2009.

•American College of Sports Medicine, 2009-present.

•Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, 1999-2012.

•SPIN Fitness, 2009-present.